Claiming UIF

Unemployment UIF

If you are retrenched, dismissed, the company closed their doors or your contract ended, you are eligible to receive UIF benefits for unemployment. However, you cannot apply for unemployment UIF when you have resigned. Residents of South Africa with a valid ID book or card may apply for UIF unemployment benefits if they are registered for UIF.

You can submit a claim as soon as you have become unemployed. Although, get all the documentation ready in advance for a stress-free application. If you do not apply in time, you can lose some of your credits, as they do expire.

When you apply for unemployment UIF and all the documents required are submitted, it takes 4 – 6 weeks for your claim to be processed and paid into your bank account. Get all your things ready early to make the UIF Unemployment benefits applications easier.

Maternity UIF

Maternity UIF

The stress of taking maternity leave can be difficult for a mother, especially when she does not receive her full salary. It puts pressure on a mother who wants to bond with her newborn during this period. This is where UIF benefits come into play.

If you are registered for UIF, you can claim maternity benefits during your maternity break should you do not receive your full income. You can claim maternity UIF when you have resigned from your current job or if you presently are unemployed and pregnant. In this case, you have to be registered for UIF and paid contributions during the last 6 months. This will enable you to have some credits with the UIF. You can only claim when you are a South African resident and have a barcode Identification book or card.

You can put in a claim for maternity UIF the moment you go on maternity leave. Keep in mind, that you will only receive the money from UIF when your child is born and you have a confirmed birth certificate. You have to send in an application to claim within 6 months before your baby is born.

Illness UIF

Illness UIF

Everyone gets sick at some point in their life. Luckily you can take sick leave in this event. But what happens when your sick leave runs out or your employer does not pay you your full salary during this time? If this is the case and you have been booked off for longer than 14 days, you are eligible to claim Illness UIF benefits.

For a person to qualify, they will need a South African ID document, proof of banking details and a medical certificate that verifies that they were unable to work due to illness. Lastly, their unemployment records need to be up to date for the last 4 years on the Department’s system.

Although it can take a while to receive a payout for a claim, claims should be filed as soon as possible. You can submit a claim again every 30 days thereafter. The reason for this is that claims for Illness UIF are not backdated, in other words, they can expire. Therefore, get your documentation and application ready early to avoid disappointment.

Retirement UIF

Retirement UIF

It is time to go on pension. Remember that you are eligible to claim retirement UIF. You can receive this benefit for up to 7.8 months after you are retired. However, it can take a period of 4 to 6 weeks to finalise the application to receive retirement UIF. In other words, start the claiming process in advance. Remember, when you go on pension early, you will not be approved to receive UIF benefits.

When you go on pension and do not apply for other employment again, you can apply to receive retirement UIF. You have to be a citizen of the Republic of South Africa with an ID book or card that is barcoded to apply for UIF.

If you know that you are going to retire soon, get all your documents ready to apply for retirement UIF benefits when the time comes. To receive UIF for your retirement, you will have to apply for UIF within the first 6 months of your retirement.

Paying UIF

Domestic UIF

Domestic UIF

Do you have someone that works for you over 24 hours every month? This can include nannies, domestic workers, gardeners etc. If this is the case, you need to be registered as an employer and make a contribution towards their UIF fund.

By being registered for UIF, your employees will be eligible to claim benefits if they are unable to receive their full income. These events can include retirement, unemployment, maternity or illness.

Employers must deduct 1% of the employee’s salary for UIF. The other 1% should be contributed by the employer themself (you in this case). This payment is made every month towards the UIF and will ensure your employees are eligible for UIF benefits.

If you have not registered your employees for UIF yet, please consider doing it. They will be grateful to you should the time come when they are unable to receive their income.

Commercial UIF

Commercial UIF

Any small business that consists of one or more employees that work more than 24 hours per month, has to register at the Department of Labour. As an employer, you have to make a contribution towards the UIF for every employee.

An employee can only be registered for UIF if they are a South African citizen. As a business owner, you cannot register contracted foreigners, individuals who only work for commission or individuals who receive a state pension.

Contribution towards the Unemployment Insurance Fund will be as follows:

  • Employers have to deduct 1% of the employee’s salary for payment towards the UIF (the ceiling cap is R14,872).
  • Another 1% of the total amount of their salary must be contributed by the employer.

Registering your employees for commercial UIF is a requirement by law. It will also help them should they not be able to receive an income due to illness, unemployment, retirement or maternity. Therefore, ensure that your employees are registered and covered for unemployment benefits.

For stress-free UIF claims and payments, contact us today. We look forward to being of service to you.